The Musikili satellite class is based in the Avondale area, near Twin Palms Shopping Mall - on the same campus as Love of Learning Montessori school.  We have our own great classroom space, and share the LOL playground facilities.

The class mirrors the Grade 1 & Grade 2 class morning at Musikili as much as possible.  The teachers plan collaboratively and therefore teach the same curriculum, which is outlined on the d6 Communicator.  

The children wear the Musikili school uniform.  They are required to bring a snack to school each day.

Our day starts at 7:30am and ends at 12:30pm.  Twice a week we do afternoon activities.  The children bring a packed lunch to school and we do sports from 1pm - 2pm - again focusing on the outlined curriculum at Musikili.  Parents collect their children at 2pm on these days.

We go down to Musikili and take part in whole school events such as musical mornings, athletics days and swimming gala’s, joining in with the Grade 1 class.