Musikili Primary School is proud to have a strong team of staff who all work together to give the best education and school experience.

Our staff come from a variety of backgrounds.

Mr Richard Jackson


Richard Jackson found a passion in teaching following working and coaching sport at
Cambridge Junior School during his studies.
He returned to Cambridge Junior School to take on the responsibility of establishing and
leading a Sports’ Office. He then moved to Ryde School with Upper Chyne on the Isle of
Wight as a professional cricket coach and member of the Boys Games department. From this experience he returned to Cambridge Junior as Head of Department, before taking up an opportunity to join St Andrew’s Preparatory School in Grahamstown. Here he served in the capacity of Grade 7 Teacher, Head of Boarding and Head of Sport. His final move before taking up Headship was to Waterkloof House Preparatory School (WHPS), in Pretoria, where he served as Deputy Head, Extra Curricular.  Richard became Headmaster at Musikili Primary School in 2018, and is currently with the support of the Board and community, developing the school and staffing structures to ensure that Musikili Primary remains the best Boarding School option in Zambia Richard is an avid sports fan and enjoys all forms of physical activity. He also enjoys travelling and spending time with his family. He is married to Mandy and is the proud father to Makenzie and Brody.

Mr Craig Connellan

Head of Academics

Craig grew up on a farm outside Stutterheim in the Eastern Cape. He studied at Rhodes University, where he completed his Bachelor of Journalism, majoring in History and Journalism.  Craig is currently the Academic Head at Musikili and teaches Grade 7 Social Studies and Grade 6 & 7 English. Before his move to Zambia, he taught in Cape Town at Western Province Preparatory School for ten years.  Craig believes that teaching is a unique opportunity to unlock the unique talents that children possess. Values form an important part of education and children need to develop empathy, so that they can use their talents to help others. He strives to develop critical thinking skills, so that children are equipped to find solutions to the challenges that face the modern world. Craig enjoys tennis, golf and fishing. He also loves nature and has become passionate about Birding since his move to Zambia.

Mr.  Gareth  Weinrick

Head of Sport

Although being involved in education at both primary and high school levels in various capacities since 1998, I have held a position at Head of Sport for 13 years. This involvement has taken my family to incredible places within South Africa and now Zambia. Although growing up as a city slicker in Durban & Johannesburg, subsequent teaching positions have allowed my family to move to small town schools such as Uplands in White River, Clifton Nottingham Road and Mazabuka. The most attractive characteristics of these schools is the close family environment and the friendships we have been able to foster.  I have gravitated towards the sports side of schools ever since I started my internships in 1998, however I do thoroughly enjoy being in the classroom. After attaining a Honours Degree in Educational Leadership to go with a Bachelor of Education, the thirst for new knowledge has increased and I intend on enrolling in a Masters in Education course in 2021.  The biggest passion of my life is my family of 4 – Rhys (11), Morgan (9) and my wonderful wife Gwynn, who I have been very happily married to for 14 years. Other past-times include reading Clive Cussler novels, reading autobiographies, playing sport (especially golf, cricket & rugby) and being outdoors. Although a consummate workaholic, Musikili has helped find a better balance between work and family. We are indeed blessed, as a family, to have found a home at this incredible school.

Mrs Moira Selemani

Grade 1

I’m Moira, a warm, fun and caring teacher who wants all children to be successful learners and works to create a classroom atmosphere that is stimulating, encouraging, and adaptive to the varied needs of students. I’m a very enthusiastic, committed educator with innate ability to understand and motivate children. I strive to provide a safe and nurturing environment where each student can have the opportunity to experience success and progress. I also believe in having a classroom that is inviting and a safe place where children will feel comfortable, and love to learn.  I’m married with one child. I have 5 years working experience and have worked with different age groups and have also Headed an International preschool in Lusaka. I enjoy outdoor activities, working with children and taking on new experiences which help me grow and also make a positive impact on a child’s life.  I am already enjoying my experience at Musikili, and look forward to working with the wonderful staff, parents and children!

Mrs Clare Clarkson

Grade 1 - Satellite School

My teaching career started out in the Montessori field, where I trained in Child Pedagogy for children aged 3 -6 years old, whilst in the UK. Having completed my diploma, I returned home and started working in a Montessori School. 16 years ago, Andrew and I decided to move to Zambia and settle here.  I taught at the American International School of Lusaka for three years, teaching in the Early Years and Grade 1, and left when I started my own family. During this time I started a BEd Foundation Phase through distance learning and this kept me busy for the best part of 7 years. In 2011 I went back to my
Montessori roots and started up a Montessori school in Lusaka.  The concept of a Satellite school in Lusaka was created and when it came into fruition in September 2016 I offered to fill in for a term whilst they found a Grade 1 teacher….and the rest is history! ☺ I live on a chicken farm in Chongwe with my husband Andrew, and have two children – Leo and Ava who are both at Musikili. I enjoy the outdoors and am very happy riding, running or walking through the bush. Reading, friends and adventures also feature on my ‘me time’ agenda.

Mrs. Jane Snart

Grade 2 - Satellite School

I grew up in Zambia and first visited Musikili when exploring career options as a teenager. It was some years later after a BA at UCT, a few years in Tourism and then Complementary Health that I returned to the field of learning and studied a Post Graduate certificate in Education. After setting up Leopard Cubs pre-
school in Lusaka, I was fortunate to join the Musikili team - back in my home town! My fascination in childhood behavior lead me to study Integrated Learning Therapy – a useful aid to learning in the Early Years.  Apart from the continued joy in learning I experience with each new class of children; I also love the outdoors and family life which involve horse riding, gardening, and travelling to our son’s sports festivals.

Mrs. Sam Hein

Grade 2

I am originally from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe and have been teaching in the Foundation Phase for 13 years. I am married to Ian Hein, who is involved in the hostel kitchen, and we have 2 children, Taite (Grade 3) and Mya (Grade 1). We moved to Musikili 3 years ago and we are delighted to be a part of such a special
school and community.  I teach Grade 2 and I am the Senior Teacher of the Foundation Phase. I strive to better myself, enhance my skills and evolve with the modern teaching trends. I
am currently studying for a Masters Degree in Education which has definitely been a bigger challenge than I anticipated. However, I believe that we should all be lifelong learners and we need to push ourselves out of our comfort zones and challenge ourselves to avoid complacency.  I am incredibly grateful to be a part of the Musikili family.

Mrs Ingrid Connellan

Grade 3

Mrs. Ingrid Connellan joined the Musikili family in 2019 where she took up the position of Grade 3 class teacher. She has taught in the Foundation Phase for almost a decade and is passionate about working with children during these developmental years. She has a love for story telling and enjoys reading children's literature. 

Mrs Judy Hamutete

Grade 4

I am Judy Hamutete and I have been teaching for nearly 20 years now. My love for teaching traces its roots from when I was little. I always looked up to my favourite teachers because they inspired me to do my best. I have a very strong compassion and interest in teaching especially the elementary pupils, I have discovered lately. With experience working in both high and elementary schools, as well as being involved in activities outside of the tradition classroom such as outdoor education, I have a diverse background with much to offer. My dedication to students and to learning extends beyond the regular classroom situation, an aspect very essential to Musikili Primary, being a boarding school. Every day, I purposefully look for opportunities to help make a child’s life a little better.

Mrs. Mandy Jackson

Grade 5

I am from the Eastern Cape in South Africa and have been teaching in Primary Schools for 15 years. I studied at Rhodes University and qualified with a Bachelor of Education BPrimEd) degree. I have taught in schools across South Africa, England and now, Zambia, where I am currently the Grade 5 teacher and head of the Senior Phase at Musikili Primary School. I also teach 21st century IT skills to Grade 4 - 7 students. My goal as a teacher is to deliver meaningful lessons, where children feel comfortable, motivated and inspired to learn. I strive to keep up to date with changing trends in education in order to ensure that my teaching is relevant and purposeful.  My personal passions include being outdoors exercising, enjoying a cup of coffee with a good book in hand and experiencing enriching travel adventures with my husband, Richard, and our two children, Makenzie (8) and Brody (4). 

I feel privileged that our family has the opportunity to be a part of the special community at Musikili. 

Mr Joshua Hayes

Grade 6

I am from the Eastern Cape in South Africa. I have been in education for the past 5 years and absolutely love it.

I will be teaching Maths, Intergrated Science and Social Studies to the Gr6's and Maths to the Gr 5's. On the sports field I will be involved with cricket and hockey.

I try and keep fit, enjoy a good book and have a passion for the outdoors.
I am excited and grateful to be a part of the Musikili family.

Ms. Nkhoma

Grade 7

My name is Alized Kamungu Nkhoma and I started teaching in 1985. I worked in Lusaka for a number of years before joining Musikili in November 1998. In addition to teaching Grade 5, my first major responsibility at Musikili was to put together a reading programme that enhanced our pupils’ reading skills. Other responsibilities over the years included being Senior Teacher in
charge of the Senior Phase, Head of Hostel and organizing swimming galas and hockey festivals before the school acquired the services of sports teachers.  Teaching is always an enlightening experience because each year group is different and this
helps me to develop a new understanding of our learners. I am continuously learning how to nurture every precious glimmer of interest and fanning it into knowledge and intelligence.  I enjoy meeting and chatting with our past pupils, and derive a great deal of satisfaction from listening to their stories about how Musikili prepared them to operate successfully in our rapidly changing world.

Mrs Jo Kelly

Learner Support

I am passionate about teaching and imparting skills to learners of various ages. I completed a Bachelor of Primary Education at Wits University. Thereafter, I taught in the Senior Primary phase at a Johannesburg school for two years. I then moved north to Zambia and taught the Grade 2s at Musikili for 12 years while heading up the Foundation Phase Department. My further studies included a 2-year diploma in special needs through RAU University and courses on Integrated Learning Therapy. Part way through 2013, the Kelly family shifted to the Eastern Cape in South Africa where, at Kingswood College in Grahamstown, I taught primarily Mathematics and Science to Grade 6 and 7 learners whilst heading up the Junior Girls’ boarding hostel.  I now find myself back in this stimulating Musikili environment where I love to nurture the spiritual growth of those in my care and hope to show each child who crosses my path that they are indeed unique and special, with great purpose attached to their life. I am married to Sean, a pastor and computer programmer, who assists Musikili in maintaining its IT network. Both my sons attended Musikili and gained an excellent grounding with which to tackle Senior School. James, the eldest, is on a tennis scholarship at a university in North Carolina where he pursues a degree in Mathematics. Luke remains as a boarder in Grade 10 at Kingswood.

Mrs Barbara Lechner-Chileshe

Art & French

Born and raised in Austria, in a town close to the capital Vienna, I started teaching in 2003 after finishing my diploma in Special Education. While teaching at the Federal Institute for the Blind in Vienna I also had the opportunity to attain another diploma for becoming an educator for blind and visually impaired children. Although I had a secure job in Austria I decided to travel and ended up in South Africa, Durban, doing some further studies to become a Development Instructor. After
volunteering for a year at Johannesburg School for the Blind I finally moved to Zambia in 2010, where I founded Malaikha School for the Blind, which is now part of the Outreach programme for our Musikili Grade 7s. I always had a passion for Art and had several exhibitions displaying my works, in Austria as well as in Zambia. So I joined the Musikili family in 2014 on a part time basis teaching Art on two days a week. Besides Art, I also enjoy writing and have already published a few books. Since 2019 I also took up the French lessons at Musikili. It is a joy to see especially our young learners
adapting to a foreign language so quickly and eagerly. Since Musikili is a quite sports-orientated school, I always try to give our “arty” kids opportunities to do extra works, so you will frequently find the art room crowded with children who come in their free time to be creative, although no lesson is scheduled. I am married to Cosmo Chileshe, a Zambian musician, and we have a son, Leon, who was
born in 2015 and is also a student of Musikili.

Mrs Chileshe

Zambian Studies RE & IT

I have worked at Musikili since the end of 2004 and I teach Zambian Studies, Religious
Education and IT. I am also the librarian. One of the things I enjoy about teaching is you learn
new things every day. I learn so much as I research for different lessons and I especially love finding interesting stories that help me not only teach the lesson, but connect with my students as well. I have a BAEd from the University of Zambia and I am currently working on getting my CompTIA A+ certification.
Outside the classroom, I enjoy traveling, gardening, going to church and watching football. I have been a proud Chelsea supporter since 2006.

Mrs Belinda Bray

Early Years 

I have 37 years teaching experience with all ages of preschool children and Grade 1. The past 17 years has been in Independent education. I have lived and worked in Durban all this time.  I enjoy setting up new innovative programmes that involve active participation of all children, and where real learning takes place. My passion is stimulating children to use their imagination to play and think creatively.  I delight in new experiences and challenges, and am on a lifelong journey of learning. My children Amy and Andrew are now independent young adults and thus I am able to grab the adventure of moving to Zambia, and more specifically Musikili with both hands. I appreciate being a part of an active participant of a successful team that I see Musikili is. I am looking forward to a long and happy association with the school.

Ms Laura Anne Walisko

School Secretary

My name is Laura Walisko. I have a Diploma in “Business Economics” from Cambridge 

College. I have worked at Musikili since April 2005 but only took up the position of School Secretary in January 2014. I enjoy working in the front office because I get to meet and talk to different people every day. Being an introvert the position has taught me to put myself out there and interact with people. I love Musikili and especially passionate about the necessary changes that have to be made to meet the modern world. I also enjoy seeing “old Musikilians” bring their children to learn at Musikili.
A fun fact: Had I passed my recruitment training, I would be in the air force

Stanley Musowe

Music Teacher

I am a Music teacher by Occupation who joined the Musikili family last year in 2019.
My Passion for Music started way back in 2001 when i sung in the Church children’s choir as a young boy and thereafter my interest grew more as i wanted to learn how to play an instrument.
I then learnt how to play the recorder, clarinet, trombone, a little bit of a Cello and violin, saxophone, drum kit and then i learnt the Pipe Organ and the Piano which have become my major.
I then wholeheartedly wanted to instill some of my skills into the young people.
With this thought in mind, i decided to take music as a passionate career and I went to study it under the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music ( ABRSM ).
I started teaching in the year 2012 till date and I’m loving it here at Musikili as i get to have fun with kids. They are adorable, creative and enthusiastic. Looking forward to a having a great year ahead.

Mr Ian Hein


I was born and raised in Harare, Zimbabwe. I grew up in a family of cooks and bakers and therefore my love of food and preparing it, started at a young age. I started my specialized chef training before leaving school and have been a Hotelier ever since (over 20 years). My experience covers a wide range of establishments from hotel chains, safaris, lodges, fast food stalls and coffee shops. I simply love cooking! My family and I moved to Musikili 3 years ago and have enjoyed every moment. I currently oversee the kitchen and procurement at Musikili and take a great deal of pleasure in uplifting the skills of the staff, for whom I am responsible. This is the first school I have worked in and I am thoroughly enjoying all the unique challenges it presents. The children can at times be as tough as some of the most ardent food critics that I have come across. Working so closely with the Musikili children, certainly brings me a great deal of reward and by gosh, they fill huge spaces in our hearts. Being able to raise our children in this environment is such a blessing and we are so fortunate and thankful for this wonderful opportunity.

Ms Ngawa Ndhlovu

School Bursar

Ngawa Ndhlovu is a School Bursar at Musikili School , serving the accounting needs of the school since May 2015. 

She has over 10 years experience in Accounting and is very passionate about her Job. She is a registered member of the Zambia Institute of Chartered Accountants.


Away from the office, she loves to wind down the day with Music and Novels and is fascinated with Technology.

Caitlyn Coxe

Music Teacher & Intern

Caitlyn joined the Musikili family at the beginning of 2019. She is an old Musikilian girl who matriculated from St Anne’s college in KwaZulu Natal in 2017. She is passionate about sharing her love of music with children, specifically through her guitar lessons. Caitlyn is currently studying teaching through Cavendish University and is involved in all areas of the school.

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