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This wonderful addition to our school campus has been made possible by the members of the Justin Trust Fund. We as a school are truly indebted and are again reminded of the strength and support found within our Musikili community.


At Musikili we aim to create an atmosphere where to excel is not just acceptable, it’s cool! An academic extension programme identifies the most able children in each subject area, every year, and ensures that they are given extension activities that will challenge and stimulate them. The focus is on ‘out of the box’ thinking activities that stimulate and challenge the children at their academic level and above.

We also recognise that not everyone learns at the same pace or in the same way. Mrs. Kelly heads up our Learning Centre and provides individual and group support to assist children who are struggling with literacy or numeracy so that they can take part in a full and rich curriculum. We see learning differences as temporary stumbling blocks rather than barriers, and we encourage all our children to aim high.

We see education as a partnership between school and home, and keep parents regularly informed about their child’s progress through termly reports, parent teacher collaboration and twice-yearly parent teacher meetings, as well as informal feedback.

We trust that much ‘sunshine’ will be added to the lives of our young and curious learners.

The construction of the Justin Learning Centre is now complete and offers and incredible space for our children to seek extension and consolidation within the core learning areas.  Mrs. Kelly is dynamic in her approach to building on academic foundations, as well as using
‘out of the box’ thinking skills to stimulate the more able learners.  The facility also allows Musikili to play host to additional support staff, such as speech therapists, and educational psychologists who visit our school to carry out assessments and weekly lessons.

We are indebted to the Justin Trust Fund for their generosity, as well as the Kapinga Enterprises staff, who so ably made the vision a reality.

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