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At Musikili our sporting programme aims to provide every child with the chance to develop and improve a well-rounded skill-set, challenge themselves and – above all – build a life-long enthusiasm for physical activity as a normal part of their routine.  


Children participate in a wide range of sports including football, hockey, rugby (and rugby 7s), netball, cross country, cricket, athletics,  swimming, rounders, tennis and dance.

We field teams in each of these disciplines and try to give every child the opportunity to represent the school in their chosen sport.


We believe that the experience of competing…hosting an opposition team, conducting themselves appropriately at other venues, being responsible for kit, and thanking the referee at the end of their match… is an important opportunity to learn and grow into a well-rounded person.  


Despite being a relatively small school, many Musikili children have gone on to achieve regional and national honours in their senior years, and our talented athletes have represented their junior school with distinction as they have excelled in many of the highly renowned senior schools, to which they have gained entry.


David Denton in particular, an old Musikilian, went on to represent the Scottish National Rugby team in 2015.  Our sports facilities include football pitches, rugby pitches, an astro-turf, three netball courts, three tennis courts, a 25m swimming pool and incredible trail running opportunities.



School sport is an opportunity for children to develop relationships and learn valuable life-skills outside the rigors of a classroom environment. It should not be viewed as a physical development component only, thus primarily suited to the finely tuned athletic machine, but a vehicle to discover, for all shapes and sizes. School sport in its entirety, offers so much more for children than excelling in traditional areas.


At Musikili, we aim to embrace sport as a key and fundamental aspect of the school day.


  • Integrated approach, where all children are involved in the afternoon programme every day in different activities.

  • Although there are plenty of opportunities for children to excel in competitive environments, we cater significantly for those displaying less enthusiasm, through mass participation.  

  • Specialisation at the Primary School level is not encouraged and we offer a wide array of activities where holistic skills-development is paramount.

  • Fostering relationships, problem solving and adaptability are the corner stone of our afternoon programme and established through compulsory attendance.

  • We believe that full participation in a wide array of activities allows for children to advance in all four pillars of development: Physical, Cognitive, Social and Emotional.


Although the opportunity for competition is limited for us due to location, we endevour to provide our children with maximum exposure to the challenges necessary to succeed. This includes active participation in ISAZ based events, tournaments and festivals. Trips to Zimbabwe and South Africa are an important cog on our calendar and we continue to explore these options. Musikili Primary has become an exciting venue for festivals where Annual Hockey, Cricket, Tennis and Rugby festivals are hosted and attended by schools from Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Despite our size, Musikili Primary continues to lead the way in primary school sport throughout Zambia and we pride ourselves on the well-rounded children leaving Musikili for high schools around Southern Africa. 


The following sports and clubs are on offer at Musikili at various levels during the year:


Girls’ Sport  


Athletics, Cross-country, Field Hockey, Swimming, Netball, Rounders, Soccer and Tennis 


Boys’ Sport


Athletics, Cross-country, Field Hockey, Swimming, Rugby, 7s Rugby, Soccer and Tennis




Mountain Biking, Trail Running, Arts & Crafts, Reading, Chess, Robotics / Lego, Pellet gun shooting, Photography, Computers, Scripture Union and Fun Science    

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