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The following fees, rates, terms and conditions apply to all pupils admitted to Musikili Primary. Further, these fees, rates, terms and conditions are subject to review by the Board of Directors and may be changed with a school terms notice.

Application Fee: Payable upon submission of an application form for admission at Musikili. Non–refundable $ 100.00. (USD One hundred). Fees not paid by the specified date will result in a reassessment of admission to Musikili. Musikili reserves the right to award a space to a pupil on the waiting list in instances where the Admission and Development Fees are outstanding past payment

Security Deposit: Not applicable.

Development Fee: Payable upon admission all children Grade R – 7.
A once off amount of $ 500.00 per child (USD five hundred.)

School Fees – 2022


Fee Payment Options
1. Annual Payment before 1st Day of School Year
2. Termly Payment before 1st Day of School Term
3. Monthly payment over 10 months January – October (Grade R – 7)


Sundries Accounts
During the course of a school term, goods and services provided to your child will be added to your Sundries Account. Uniforms, bus trips, sport trips and miscellaneous items like tooth brushes will be itemised. Sundries Accounts are dispatched to parents at the end of a school term and must be settled in full before the commencement of the next school term.

Terms and conditions of payment
 Application Fees are payable upon submission of an Application Form
 School Fees are payable in advance.
 Monthly agreement options are to be paid by arrangement over a maximum period of 10 months from the commencement of a school term. January to October.
 The Development Fee is a once off fee paid upon admission of a child and is not refundable.
 The Parent Teacher’s Association Levy is payable in advance for the first and third term and is charged per family.
 Sundries Accounts must be paid up in full and cannot be carried over from one term to the next.
School Fee discount
To qualify for a School Fee discount, for a 2nd or 3rd child, fees are payable in full on or by the first day of term where after the discount will be credited to your account. A five percent discount for a second biological or legally adopted child and ten percent discount for a third biological or legally adopted child is available.
Change in fee structure
All fees are subject to an annual review. Changes to the fee structure will be communicated to parents by the Board of Directors in writing and with a term’s notice of any increases.

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