1.  Application  Form

The first step for admission to Musikili is to request an Application Form from the school office.  Click here to email us 

or Click here to go to submit an application form online.

The Application Form must be completed in full and must be submitted with the required supporting documentation indicated on the Document Check List.


The Application Form, required documents and the Application Fee of $ 100.00 (one hundred United States Dollars) must then be delivered to the school office for processing.


It should be noted that no incomplete application submissions can be processed.

2.  Pupil  Assessment

Once the Application Form has been processed, pupils will be required to undergo an assessment test.  


Parents will be notified of the date and time of the assessment test by the school office. In the case of Grade One applicants this will be a school readiness test.


Applicants for other Grades will be assessed in English and Mathematics, for the purpose of determining the most educationally sound Grade placement for the applicant.

3.  Study  Permit  Requirements

A Study Permit issued by the Zambian Immigration Department is required for non-Zambian applicants. Once the study permit has been applied for, you will be issued with a receipt of payment, a copy of which must be provided to the school before a pupil can be legally admitted to Musikili. It may take several months before the official Study Permit is issued by Immigration.

Be aware that if the child’s passport or parents’ work permit is due to expire shortly, it may impact seriously on the validity period of the study permit.  It may be worth considering having the passport or permit renewed earlier.

For updated requirements for a Study Permit, contact the Zambian Immigration Department: