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The Extra -Curricular Programme includes cultural activities offered as seasonal options during the school year for both boys and girls.

There are a huge variety of different clubs and activities on offer. As well as sports clubs, including trail running and cycling, there’s an activity to suit every child – whether that be golf, fishing, photography, construction, music, mountain-biking, birding, crafts, environmental club, IT, board games and many more.

Our clubs offer an option for all children to experience something different in a relaxed environment.


Friendship Bracelets Club

Our Friendship bracelet club started off nicely with the Grade 2s during the first 3 weeks of the term.  As tying tiny knots is quite challenging for young children, we went for a different method crafting Woven Bracelets by weaving yarn over three straws, which we removed later. It was quite challenging, but at the end almost everyone had a finished product and was proud of having made something useful and pretty at the same time. Older Grades will later on explore the more traditional way of making Knotted bracelets.

Building Blocks

Construction Club

The Grade R and Grade 1 children have experimented with creating 3D sculptures with paper strips, working off a flat base.
Grade 2 and Grade 3 will also begin with paper strip sculptures, with or without a flat base. They will then move into 3D construction using wooden blocks, wood glue and paper strips utilised as tape to
hold the blocks together. The creative process and design is the emphasis, as opposed to the end product.

Sheet Music


We have two choirs at Musikili.

Junior Choir – 8, 9 and 10 year olds or Grade 3, 4 and 5.

Senior Choir – 10, 11 and 12 year olds or Grade 6 and 7.

All children are encouraged to take part in the choirs.


Fun Aerobics Club

Our club is a fitness club that engages in different fun exercises and dance routines
that get our hearts pumping. Our enthusiastic learners enjoy stretching their muscles and get the chance to be active and jam out to their favourite music. Our club helps develop a healthy lifestyle and incorporate fitness as a natural part of childrens lives by making fitness fun.

Girl Holding BIble

Scripture Union Club

SU, as the club is fondly called, is an exciting and lively way of learning how to apply God’s principles to our daily lives. We enjoy much laughter and fun as we learn about living out the Christian life in
busy, pressurized and often difficult circumstances. The children form groups in which games are played which relate to life lessons and principles for right living. Much amusement is had by all as
teams battle it out for points towards the end reward of chocolate cake! Memory verses are learnt, usually with songs and actions to assist in their recall. At the end of the club’s 3 week cycle, it is hoped that we all know that the name of the Lord is a strong tower, and that we can run to Him and feel safe whenever we feel vulnerable or face a tough time. (Proverbs 18:10)



All classes are allocated one period per week for class music.  

Holding Plant

Environmental Club

For environmental club, the Grade 6s have been learning about the countless benefits of spekboom for our Earth. They have each been tasked with looking after their own spekboom cutting and propogating
them in water until they root and then planting them in reused containers unitl they can one day be planted around the school campus. The grade 6s have also been taught to reuse paper as a creative
outlet through the creation of junk journals. Many of the children have thoroughly enjoyed this activity.


Arts & Crafts Club

The Grade 3s have enjoyed making cards this term during their afternoon Clubs session. Using recycled items, googly eyes, paper, glitter and colorful card they have allowed their creative juices to flow and produced some unique cards for friends and family.



The annual senior (Grade 4 -7) concert is held at the end of the 2nd school term.The annual junior (Grade R – 3) end of year concert is held at the end of the 3rd school term.


As a child growing up, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang was one of my all-time favourite movies.  The story line was simple, the two children were easy to relate to, the songs were catchy and got stuck in your head and, of course, there was a magical car.  So, it was a natural choice to decide on this play for our school production this year. The original book was written by Ian Fleming, primarily famous as the author of James Bond. Chitty made its stage debut in London in 2011, and since then, the play has been adapted for use in schools.

It has been an exciting adventure with the Musikili children, doing this play together. Many, many hours of hard work went into the rehearsals, more so this year than ever, because of the delay in the scheduled performance dates in the second term due to Covid. The play came with a number of challenges: first and foremost was how to get Chitty to fly! After some creative thinking and re-arrangement of the “sea” and the car’s wheels, I think we achieved the effect of flying through the air. The second challenge was to choreograph so many different dances, many of them incorporating a large number of children. All in all, there were 16 songs that required choreography, and the children really worked hard at learning their steps and keeping in time. Believe it or not, this does not come easily to quite a number of boys and girls! Well done especially to Michaela Bignell, Jordy Bruyns, Michaela Kakoma, Joice Mandozana, Sarah Tembo and Angelina Wixley who were in more than one dance number and switched between roles. They all did a great job. The third challenge, of course, is one that comes with any school play – how to fit the whole school in and give every boy and girl a part.  Suffice to say, everyone had an opportunity to shine on the stage, whether it was in a main role, or part of a chorus, and together, they made Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. 

There were a number of lead roles, and many in these parts acted with sparkle and sang with gusto. We must single out, though, Tristan Barker and Samantha Middleton, who acted as Caractacus Potts and Truly Scrumptious. These were demanding roles which required both singing and acting, along with many lines that had to be committed to memory. Jeremy and Jemima, the Potts children, played by Christopher Thomas and Mia Miers, together with Grandpa Potts, performed by Rhys Weinrich, did an equally excellent job, delivering convincing performances and earning rousing applause when it came time for the bows. The delightfully cheeky role of the Baroness, played by Chloe Street, was performed with aplomb, and Giovanni Beukes, who was the Baron, complemented her at every turn. Giovanni and Chloe must be congratulated on their performance which earned them the Legg Trophy award for drama at Musikili’s annual prize giving.

Chitty would never have been successful, though, without a team effort. Many worked from the beginning behind the scenes: sewing and sourcing costumes, repairing the lighting, building the scene changes for the sets, creatively crafting the props, teaching the songs and working the music cues. Both parents and staff generously gave of their time and resources to contribute in big and small ways to the success of this production. Special thanks must be offered to the PTA and their extremely generous donation of the new wireless head mics that were used in the play. What a difference they made. We had two marvellous nights, acting, singing, dancing, and enjoying the fruit of all the hard work throughout the term.

School Production - Christmas Nativity 2020

School Production - Mulan July 2019