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Our Senior School takes children on an exciting journey from which they emerge as confident, accomplished children who are ready to leave us and are excited to join their senior schools.  In years 4 and 5 we lay the foundations for their preparations towards Assessments and an intensive syllabus which are then taught in years 6 and 7 as children prepare to sit examinations in English, Maths, Integrated Science and Social Studies. Like many schools we have on the most part opted out of Formal Assessments, which allows us to take a much more flexible and creative approach to teaching History, Geography and Science.  Alongside the academic subjects, children in the Senior School also have timetabled lessons in Art, D&T, Music, PE, Life skills, ICT.  Throughout the curriculum we ensure that we prepare children not just for the world of today but also the world of tomorrow – giving them the foundational skills for job roles which may not even yet exist. In ICT, for example, we continuously strive to prepare our children to acquire relevant and necessary skills. We constantly look to improve and innovate in our curriculum, and have recently introduced an exciting Mathematics programme. We are extremely sensitive to our children’s needs and aim to tailor our Academic programme to remain relevant, while preparing our learners for the senior schooling opportunities. As our children grow into teenagers, the close community we provide at Musikili creates a safe haven, but one which encourages them to spread their wings and take on new responsibilities. Our year 7 children become part of our ‘Fiendishly Sensitive Mentoring’ scheme which pairs them with “new” children in years 1- 6, as well as serving as student leaders in their daily routines. This is only made possible by the support and guidance of an ever committed staffing component, to ensure they know when issues should be escalated to an adult. They also take on leadership roles as Reps, Captains of our sports teams and within the House system.  With the support of a dedicated staff, our children gain entrance to the leading schools of their choice, within Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa. Musikili children are always well received because of their holistic upbringing. While we are always delighted to celebrate their academic and sporting success, we feel that they are leaving us with something even more valuable – a genuine love of learning, an ability to take risks and a readiness to take on the world!

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