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Boarding is at the heart of Musikili school life.

It is our boarding school structure that allows us to be the distinctive school we are: creative, imaginative and above all, caring.  

We have over 100 boarders aged 5 to 13 who live in our boarding houses – a real home-from-home within the school grounds. By keeping the boarding facilities central to our grounds it offers a close feeling where learning, play and living entwine.  

Children and their families can choose from a wide range of boarding options including full and weekly boarding, flexi-boarding, and occasional boarding (ad hoc nights) for day children.

The weekly boarding option is the most sort after, as our school bus services provide the opportunity for children to travel home on Friday’s, before returning on the Monday morning bus. This option allows pupils to spend quality time with family, recharge and prepare for the upcoming week.

We aim to make the boarding experience as warm and homely as possible, and our care goes well beyond meeting children’s most obvious practical needs.

We believe that it is the small things which make all the difference to our boarders’ experience, and we do everything we can to make children feel secure, well cared-for and happy.


The Diane wing for girls and the Dennis wing for boys both consist of four dormitory rooms that can accommodate up to twenty pupils each.  Each wing has a matrons flat while the sick bay, staffed by a qualified nurse is situated in the Dennis wing, while the school uniform shop is in the Diane wing.  The Garner utility hall divides the two dormitory wings, serving as the dining hall and the school hall. The hostel kitchen situated behind the Garner hall prepares healthy meals.

Dormitory Age Groups

Pupils from Grade 1 to 7 are accommodated in four age group dormitory groups namely; Junior, Middle Junior, Middle Senior and Senior. Although termly boarding is offered, parents are encouraged to take their children out at least every second weekend. It is advisable for Grade 1 pupils to go home every weekend. Grade R pupils are allowed to sleep over on a Monday and Thursday each week, provided they are able to cope.

Weekends and Holidays

School closes for weekends at 11:30 on a Friday. Pupils can be collected by parents or can travel to Lusaka or Choma on the school bus service. Boarders may return to school either by 17:00 on Sunday afternoons, or at 08:00 on Monday mornings. After school holidays boarders report to school on a Sunday between 14:00 – 17:00. The hostel does remain open at weekends for those pupils who cannot go home, however it is compulsory for all children to go home for the mid – term breaks and at the end of each school term.

Personal Requirements

Parents provide a mattress, all bedding, a mosquito net and toiletries. An inventory of clothing and personal items is taken at the beginning and end of each term. All laundry is done on site. Clothes are kept by the matron and are issued to boarders as required. All Grades are allowed to bring one soft toy to school, while Grade 1’s are allowed an additional toy. It is expected that all personal property be marked with the owners name and surname.

School Day Routine
  •  New boarders are allocated a “Shadow” to assist with settling in and learning the routines. The school day begins at 6.00. Children are expected to see to their own early morning ablutions and to dress themselves properly. Allocated Grade 7 “shadows” assist the Grade 1 children. Boarders make their own beds, tie up mosquito nets and tidy their immediate sleeping areas, sweep out dormitories and mop ablution blocks.  This is supervised by the relevant Matron and the Representative on duty.

  • The duty teacher inspects each dormitory from 06:30 and allocates dormitory points for cleanliness, and tidiness of the dormitories and children.

  • Breakfast is served at 06:45 where after children brush teeth collect their requirements for the school day and move off to the classroom blocks for morning assembly.

  • Juice and a light snack is served to all pupils including day scholars at break time each day.

  • Lunch is the main meal, served in the hall from 13:00 – 13:30 for all pupils and staff. We endeavor to provide children with a well-balanced, nourishing diet, prepared freshly every day. After lunch all pupils including day scholars’ return to dormitories for a rest or read period until 14:00.

  • Day scholars go home at 17:00, while Junior boarders shower at 17:00, Middle Junior / Senior boarders at 17:15 and Senior boarders at 17:30.

  • The duty teacher takes register and completes the evening inspection of dormitories from 18:45.

  • Supper is served from 18:00 – 18:30. After supper Juniors brush teeth and go to the Common Room for selected television viewing until bedtime at 19:00.Other Grades have a Prep Session supervised by the duty teacher and then prepare for bed. Senior “Lights Out” is at 20.00.

Signing Out

Boarders must be signed out by a parent or parents delegate on a Friday or if they leave school for any other reason. Requests for early or unusual departures must be submitted in writing to the Head of School prior to the day of departure.

Dietary Exemptions

Dietary exceptions can be arranged under the following circumstances and upon submission of reasonable evidence that the request is valid:

  • Your child genuinely gets sick from eating certain foods. (A medical practitioners letter should be included)

  • Your child has an allergy to certain foods. (A medical practitioners letter should be included)

  • Due to religious reasons your child cannot eat certain foods. (Please state your religion if this is the case).

  • Your child has certain dietary requirements that have been prescribed by a psychologist, paediatrician, nutritionist or medical practitioner (A medical practitioners letter should be included).

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