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The Extra -Curricular Programme includes cultural activities offered as seasonal options during the school year for both boys and girls.



At Musikili we currently have the following clubs; Mountain Biking, Trail Running, Arts & Crafts, Reading, Chess, Robotics / Lego, Pellet gun shooting, Photography, Computers, Scripture Union and Fun Science    


We have two choirs at Musikili.

Junior Choir – 8, 9 and 10 year olds or Grade 3, 4 and 5.

Senior Choir – 10, 11 and 12 year olds or Grade 6 and 7.

All children are encouraged to take part in the choirs.


All classes are allocated one period per week for class music.  


The annual senior (Grade 4 -7) concert is held at the end of the 2nd school term.
The annual junior (Grade R – 3) end of year concert is held at the end of the 3rd school term.

School Production - Mulan July 2019

For this first time in the history of Musikili, the entire school from Grades 1 through to 7 was involved in a single production for the stage. The musical, Mulan, was performed by the school at the end of the second term to resounding applause and shouts of, “Encore”, from the audience.

The story of Mulan is believed to be true, but over time, it has become a legend because stories change as they are retold through the generations. Mulan is the heroine of a famous Chinese poem, The Ballad of Mulan, written by an anonymous poet in the Northern Dynasties around AD 420. In the poem, Mulan disguises herself as man to serve in the army in her father’s place. While serving her country, she is recognised as a courageous male soldier; however, her comrades are shocked when, back in her village, she appears as herself in lady’s clothes! This story inspired the Disney film, Mulan, and Musikili children worked very hard to present their version of this Broadway production.

Many hours of rehearsal time were spent in the hall, committing lines to memory, performing dance moves until they were in sync and practising songs over and over again until they were ready for recital.

Although all the children played a vital role in pulling the whole performance together, some roles were more demanding than others. Special mention must be made of Shannan Wixley who carried off the lead role as Mulan with aplomb, of Warrick Kyriazis (Captain Shang), of Jodi Bawden, Alexia Coventry, Mary Jellis, Sophie McGregor and Grace Thomas ( Ancestors), who all learned many lines and had to co-ordinate their singing, acting and dancing throughout the play. The Legg Trophy for Drama, however, went to Chisala Chokolo for her outstanding performance as Mushu the Dragon.

No production can be successful without a team effort. Grateful thanks go to the many who were behind the scenes, sewing and designing costumes, fixing the lighting, building the set, creatively crafting the props, teaching the songs and working the music cues. Both parents and staff generously gave of their time and resources to contribute in big and small ways to the success of this production. 

Pirates of  the Curry  Bean

Annual Senior Play August 2018

Our Senior Phase children enjoyed the opportunity to showcase their acting skills, as they won the favour of an incredible audience in their Production of “Pirates of the Curry Bean”. The children were cast well and provided us all with much laughter and an appreciation for the work that goes into a Senior production.  Thanks also go to the PTA for catering, staff members for all the considerable effort required to put on a successful school play. Lastly, well done to all the actors and actress's who performed so well.

Pirates vs Mermaids

Year End Junior Play December 2018

Our Junior Phase put on, “Pirates vs Mermaids”, under the directorship of their class teachers. All the children embraced the opportunity to be on stage and simply wear their costumes and even make up.  Thanks also go to the PTA for catering, staff members for all the considerable effort required to put on a successful school play. Lastly, well done to all the actors and actress's who performed so well.

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