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Board of  Director's  Welcome

Dr. Ian Parsons, BOD Chair

The board of directors is upbeat about Musikili School and its future. We have the ingredients to take the school to the next level of quality and excellence.... supportive parents, great kids, professional and committed staff with a tested and proven infrastructure.


We have taken note of the praise and the criticism given to us via the telephonic/email survey at the end of 2016 and will continue to engage with you the parents for comment and support as we implement improvements and changes through 2017. We acknowledge that we have a lot of work to do to modernise the facilities at all levels. In order to achieve this goal in good time we hope to attract more pupils through your recommendation to friends, family and business

colleagues. The dynamics and financial security of having a full school will be very significant.

We believe that Musikili offers the best primary education in Zambia and intend to keep it that way. Your children will thrive in the knowledge that you have chosen to send them to a school that you rate highly.


With 2017 being our 30th anniversary there are bound to be some showcase events

to mark this achievement. The board members hope to see you there!

All the best for the year ahead.

Ian Parsons

Meet  The  Directors

Dr. Ian Parsons


Mr D Burton


Miss N Ndhlovu


Mr G Robinson


Mrs. Theresa Taylor

Acting Secretary

Mr D Cantlay


Mrs Julia Tunney


Mrs. B Lechner


Mr S Bhagoo


Dr. Chris Clubb


Mrs. Jenna Coventry


Ms. C Bowa


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